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  • 01.28.23 unanticipated fear

    Before I move to other topics beyond my recent open-heart surgery, I want to record thoughts and fears that have frequented my consciousness since coming out of sedation on November 30, 2023. I’ll likely not remember these as acutely in the future. Perhaps, like other traumas, they will take up residency in my subconscious, sneakily […]

  • 01.26.23 owl in daylight

    On Sunday, October 30, 2022, the day before I received my unexpected diagnosis of a life-threatening heart valve defect, I was driving my son to a class, around 10:15 a.m. Passing under an electrical line, I noticed a large bird motionlessly perched on the wire. I assumed it was a hawk. “Is that an owl?” […]

  • 01.24.23 pig heart

    On Halloween 2022, a top cardiac surgeon informed me that I had a congenital heart defect that, untreated, would lead to my imminent death. Biscupid rather than triscupid, my valve was divided into two uneven parts rather than the balanced three-part design resembling a Mercedes hood ornament that was normal. This lack of balance had […]

  • 01.23.23

    If you are reading this, you likely are researching me, wish to sell me something, or wondering if I have a secret about you that I may expose. The above isn’t intended to be cynical, but to acknowledge that most of us don’t care. Being human is exhausting. We struggle with our own challenges and […]